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The Jump To dialog in the Utilities menu enables you to jump around in the Scores Window as quickly as possible, such as when you enter scores into Grade Machine directly from a non-alphabetized stack of papers.

1) The default choice, jumping by Student Initials, is a very useful means of moving quickly from one student to another. 
2) The first initial is defined as the first character after the comma excluding spaces. The last initial is defined as the first character that appears in a student's name. 
3) For example, to jump to a student named Horse, Charlie, enter CH. Also, the initials for Beethoven, Ludwig von are LB, not LV. 
4) In the case of students who have the same initials, you will jump to the student that appears first alphabetically.
5) To rapidly enter several scores, press [Alt]+J, i.e., the hotkey for the Jump To command, then type the student initials, 
6) Press [Enter], then type the score, press [Alt]+J again, and so forth.
7) You can also choose to jump up and down a column of scores using:

a) the Student ID, or 

b) a given Student Row Number, or

c) the First three characters of the Misc 1, Misc 2, or Misc 3 columns of the Students Window.

8) You can also jump back and forth across a student's row of scores using the Assignment Column Number.

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