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New Class Button

New Class (File Menu)

1) New Class lets you start a brand new class. 

2) Press the New Class button, or choose New class from the File menu, or key in the shortcut [Ctrl]+N to create a new Class file. 

3) A new, blank Students Window will appear on the screen, ready for you to enter student names. Any Class files you had open when you chose the New Class command will still be open.

NOTE: If you have more than one Class file open, choose the one you want to work with by selecting its name from the Window menu.

Entering Student Information

Use the "student button" to reach the student window view

1)  Enter student names last name first format.

2)  Student ID's can be up to 115 characters long, sufficient for social security numbers.

3)  "Misc." fields can be store 50 characters each to hold phone numbers, addresses, book numbers, ect...

4)  Change the titles of the "Misc." fields using "Student Data" from the "Style" menu.

5)  The "Class" menu allows design of your own unlinited list of comments

6)  In the "Scale" column, use the right mouse button to choose which grading scale is assigned to each student.

7)  The "Class" menu lets you create up to 30 grading scales to adapt to a wide range of student backgrounds (special ed., gifted, ect.)

Identify Your Class

1)  Select the "Class" menu.

2)  Choose "Class Information."

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