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Advanced Web Development
Assignment Page

Our first assignment was to create something interactive using JavaScript. I worked together with a group of people also interested in Elementary Education.  One person in our group who is still teaching in the classroom suggested a topic based on the novel Sarah Plain and Tall by Patricia Laughlin since that is a subject she covers with her fifth grade class.  We decided on a multiple choice quiz designed as a self evaluation.  See our quiz here.  I had used some copy and paste JavaScript in the past so I was a little bit familiar with the process.  In the future, I would like to learn more about writing my own from scratch.

Our second assignment was to do some work with Flash.  This was my first ever experience with this program.  My first attempt at getting anything accomplished with the program resulted in a very rough rendition of a car but I was encouraged that I could get the wheels to turn, the car to move and insert a background.  I am just NOT an artist!  While talking with one of the members of our JavaScript group, we began brainstorming some possible educational uses of Flash.  She suggested a lesson about states and capitals and I started to get some ideas.  We decided to work together on a project that would accomplish that goal.