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The Communicator
Tuscarawas Valley Seventh Grade News

Volume 2                                                    Issue 3

December 2000/January 2001

Dear Seventh Grade Parents,

Have you been wondering what has been happening at Tusky Valley Middle School?  Here is an update.

Coming events:

Dec. 25 - Jan. 2:  No School
Jan. 3:  Classes Resume
Jan. 10:  School Spelling Bee 7:00pm
Jan. 12:  End of Second Nine Weeks
Jan. 15:  No School
Jan. 31:  2 Hour Delay - Teacher         Inservice


We have been doing various stories and continue to use our Scope magazine.  Our book reports are  due on January 3.  To get an A, we have to read four "regular" books, or we can choose from the "challenge"  list of books which count as two books each.


In pre-algebra we have been very busy.  Our class recently took a test over equations with variables and reciprocals on both sides of the equal sign.  We also graphed the profit or losses of our stocks and made presentations about them.


In English, we have been working with compositions.  Learning this will also help us know what to do on future reports and  proficiency tests.  We have been reading "A Christmas Carol."  The story is about a  man named Ebeneezer Scrooge who does not like Christmas very much.  Ghosts come to help him realize that he should change his life.  In addition to reading the story, we did vocabulary for each stave and filled  out study guides.  We also had quizzes and a test over the story.  On Dec. 22 we will view the George C. Scott version of  "A Christmas Carol."  In January we will continue to work on our writing and grammar skills.  


In science, we are doing some pretty cool labs.  We have learned that dry ice is compressed carbon dioxide.  Recently, Mr. Laghetto gave us five different white powders.  We have to do tests on them using water, acid, iodine, and Bunsen burners.  Once we have done all the tests  on each of the five powders, Mr. Laghetto will give us the mystery powder, and we have to figure out what powders make up the mystery powder.  This counts as a test grade.  Our reports on an element were turned in not long ago.  

Some important dates are as follows:

Jan. 8:  Field of entry due for Science  Fair
Jan. 10:  Research paper due
Jan. 16:  Title and hypothesis due for Science Fair
Jan. 22:  Background information  and procedure due for Science Fair
Jan. 30:  Results (table and graphs) for Science Fair
Feb.24:  8:00am Science Fair (place TBA)


Right now in geography we have been learning many things.  Recently we've done maps of Australia and mountains of the world.  We also had a test over the themes of geography which include location, movement, human environment interaction, place, and region.  Mr. Sima makes geography fun and interesting.  


In math, we worked with positive and negative numbers.  The next thing we worked on was equations with X's and *'s where we had to find out what number those stood for in the equations.  Finally, we have been working with prime numbers.


In health, we learned about the reproductive system.  Now we are learning about communicable diseases.  Each person was assigned a report on a different communicable disease and had to make an oral presentation to the class.  We will also be working on noninfectious diseases.




We are working on a project where we "shop" for items in newspaper advertisements.  Then we place our information on spreadsheets.  We must get as close to our budget of $2,500.00 as possible.  After Christmas, we will be working on Science Fair and other science related activities.


In Mrs. Fishley's gym class we have been practicing football and basketball skills.  We learned that in football there are eleven players on the field.  The center and quarterback are the two most important positions.  In basketball we are learning how to correctly perform lay ups and foul shots.  


The Christmas concert was on December sixth.  This year we sang "Let's Celebrate His Birth," "Let it Snow!" "Mary Had A Baby," "Sing a Merry Christmas," and "Here Comes Santa Claus."  Later on we will be working on "Splish Splash."  Thanks to all of you who attended our choir/band concert.


In band we are working on our Christmas songs.  The seventh grade band played "Twelve Days of Christmas" and "Jingle Bells Around the World" for the concert on December sixth.  Grades five through eight performed, too.

Boys' Basketball

We have already had two scrimmages.  One was against Dover and the other was against Louisville.  We tied against Dover, but we won against Louisville.  Of the 4 games we have played, we have won 3 and lost 1.


The wrestling team has been doing a lot this year.  We have had two regular season meets and are going to  compete in a tournament December 23.  We lost both of our dual meets, but we have had some seventh-grade wins.  Our only seventh-grade first team winner  was Jon Bishop, who pinned both of his opponents.  Jordan Chumney and Josh Gooding, who wrestled in reserve matches, also won.

Student Council

Student Council  conducted the annual White Christmas Food Drive recently, collecting 2,355 items to help people in our area.  The "hat day" also netted $94.25 to assist in this project for Christmas 2000.  Way to go Tusky Valley Middle school students!

Peer Leadership

At Peer Leadership Camp, we had a lot of fun!  We all had to learn to work together as a team.  Our slogan is T.E.A.M. which stands for Together Each Accomplishes More.  This year's camp was awesome.  Members of this team are going to be assisting other students as peer tutors.

7th Grade Spelling Bee

We now know  who will be  competing in the spelling bee for the seventh grade.  The eight contestants are:  Stan Guertal, Brandon Robson, Zach Gintz, Matt Company,  Jason Geraghty, Sean McGonagle, Mike Kane, and Rachel Ritter.  The alternates are Melissa Girard,  Randy Geissinger, and Tara Slider.  Congratulations on making it, and good luck at the Spelling Bee!



Thank you

A special thanks to all the seventh-grade  students who wrote, edited, typed, and assisted in other ways to get this issue out!     -Ms. H.

We'd like to thank Mrs. Hayes and Mrs. Green who have been coming in to help students during our Academic Assist.  Your assistance has been helpful.

We also wish to thank our parents for providing the food for our Christmas Party and volunteering to help with it and our dance on Dec. 22.

Note:  Parents, you should have recently received from  your child his/her  results from the achievement test given during October.

Volunteer help is still needed with tutorial study hall 7:45am - 8:31am for seventh grade students who need extra help.