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Curriculum News

Curriculum Director: Elaine Karp   

Delay Days

 Tusky Valley Schools have initiated this year three delay days.

During this inservice time teachers have had the opportunity to review the curriculum, and begin the process of curriculum alignment. Through this process our courses of studies have been revised to align with Ohio proficiency tests. Courses of study will be available in all the buildings in the libraries during the spring.


Textbooks News

This year we will be evaluating new Math books. Teachers will be reviewing new Math books on our third delay in January. A K-8 adoption is planned.  If you are a parent and would like to be part of this evaluation of books please contact Elaine Karp

874-3636. New Health books will be purchased at the middle School. Our health teacher Mrs. Whitehair will also be reviewing books. According to Tusky Valley’s Continuous Improvement Plan our district is progressing and meeting the needs of our students, through our curriculum development realignment and revisions.


Off Grade Level Testing

 New for this year will be the development of countywide testing procedures. Our district will test all 3rd and 5th graders this year on the new county predictor tests. These tests will be administered in March to students during the week of proficiency testing. These tests will be 100% aligned with the 4th and 6th grade proficiency tests. The results will be of importance to next year’s teachers to identify areas that students will need assistance with to pass the proficiency tests. Students in grades 1, 2, and 7 will be given a new and updated version of county off grade tests.


Mentor Teachers

Tusky Valley has taken the initiative this year to incorporate a mentor teacher for all new teachers to the district. Through this collaboration teachers who are new to the district will find a helpful mentor teacher to guide them through the year.

Predictor Test Slide Show