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Sixth Grade Update

February 2, 2001

February Greetings!

Math Update:  We are finishing chapter 8 and will have a chapter test Wednesday.  Homework  Students will turn in a graph worksheet, on MONDAY, that we worked on in class
Monday - page 239. Extra Credit page 235 (It can be turned in until Wednesday)
Tuesday - page 240, review for test (They must show their work)
Wednesday - Page 244 - 245  TEMPERATURE GRAPH IS DUE! (It has the same
point value as a Chapter Test!)
Thursday - page 249 # 18 - 28 and page 251

Science:  Science calendars and journal are due Monday morning. Did you know that it is much easier to fill the calendars out each day after class? It is much
harder to try and remember what you learned last Monday, on Sunday night! Mr.
Strong lets the students use their calendars on tests :)
The R.S.V.P. program, offered through T-4C, will happen during science
class. Students will still have their calendar and a journal on Friday.  6-C will take their 2nd class lever test on Monday.

Spelling - This is a review lesson. The test will be Friday.

 Language - Students will be using their Sharpen Up book everyday. They
write their answers in their spiral notebook. It would be a good idea to ask to
read their work.

Social Studies - Students are starting to review for Proficiency Tests.
Every other day during the month of February will be spent in proficiency preparation. We will continue with the regular studies on the alternate days.  We will start chapter 11 Tuesday. Students need to keep their vocabulary notebooks up to date. There are 16 words so far. Students earn a better grade for neatness, order, using all pencil of all the same color of pen. These are turned in at the end of the nine weeks and usually count for 10% of a students grade.

 Reading - Please ask to see their reading folder from last week. It comes
home on Mondays.  The three assignments for this week will be turned in on Friday. You can ask to see the work before they turn them in. Students should be working
very hard to add lots of detail to the comprehension check. All handwriting
should be their best!
Third quarter book report forms come home Monday. This quarter students will need to read a nonfiction book. The book must be at least 90 pages.  Nonfiction books are biographies, autobiographies, or informational books.  Please make sure your child has a book AND IS READING IT by Friday!

 General news: PATHS meeting is Feb. 12 at 7pm. They are looking for new officers for next year. This is a wonderful group who have helped every student at T.V.M.S. Hats off to Angi Lindsay and Wendy Spillman for your hard work. Thanks also to all of the people who help with Market Day and other PATHS projects. 

They need donations of baked goods for the Science Fair and the Spring Craft Show. (All children got a notice today, with this information and MORE!)

Market Day - Feb. 7
Midterms - Feb. 14
County Spelling Bee Feb. 15
Middle School Science Fair Sat Feb.. 24 (All students would benefit from stopping by to see the projects. All seventh graders participate and it helps sixth grade students when they are able to see the wonderful projects!
Classroom Valentine's Parties Feb. 14 at 1:50 p.m.. Valentine cards are optional, as are boxes. Homeroom parents could use candy donations. More information next week!
Camp forms came home yesterday. The medical forms and permission slips need to be returned as soon as possible to the homeroom teacher. Camp money needs to be paid soon. The total cost is $65. If you have any questions about the amount due please let Mrs. Parks know. All Checks need to be made out to T.V.M.S.

Let me know if you have concerns or want to schedule a Parent - Teacher conference on Feb.. 27  3:30 - 7:00

 Mrs Beth Parks

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